Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services
Helping to promote wellness and recovery that reinforces and sustains healthy individuals, families, and communities that are free from stigma related to mental illness and addictions.

If you are in Crisis and need help, please call
Samaritian CrisisCare at 224-4646 or Text "4hope" to 741741 

Request new GOSH user login account


GOSH User Request Instructions

Click on the “Gosh Electronic Enrollment Website” link. By clicking on the GOSH LOGIN Link, the user is routed to the GOSH secure server. Here the user will see a new browser window open and the secure server page will load.


In the secure browser, the user will then click “click here to request a new user account” link. This will bring up a New User Request form that the user must fill in.


The user will fill in all fields. The Business Code field will be the Letter A followed by the UPI of the agency. For example: A12345 or A01234. Staff use MCADAMHS as their business code. The user makes up his/her own password.

Once the submit button has been pressed, an email will be sent to GOSHADMIN email account announcing that the user has requested a GOSH Account. The user will see the following screen on their browser:

Upon approval, the user will receive an email similar to the one below.


The user may now log into GOSH and begin to use the application. Questions -- refer to John DeFluri, or call 443-0416, ext. 116.