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Public Records Request



ADAMHS Public Information | Sunshine Laws and Requests for Information

Ohio’s Open Records and Open Meetings laws, collectively known as the “Sunshine Laws,” give Ohioans access to government meetings and records. Please open the links below, which defines our policy on the request of public records and provides the proper request form required to submit a request.

ADAMHS Policy on Public Record Request  Public Request Form Download 

What is the Ohio Public Records Act?

Who can make a request for public records?

What does a public office have to do when it receives a public records request?

To whom does the Public Records Act apply?

If someone is not given public records, what recourse does that person have?

Does a public office have to work with the requester to find public records?

Where can I find more details about the Public Records Act?

What is the Ohio Open Meetings Act?

What is a public body, as applicable in the Ohio Open Meetings Act?

What is a meeting, as applicable in the Ohio Open Meetings Act?

What kind of notice should be given to the public when a meeting is planned?

Are detailed minutes required to be taken at a public meeting?

What are executive sessions, as applicable in the Open Meetings Act, and when can they be used?

What can be done if there are violations of the Open Meetings Act?

What if I want more details about the Open Meetings Act?

What makes a "record" a "public record?"

Can some public records be withheld from a requester?