Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services
Helping to promote wellness and recovery that reinforces and sustains healthy individuals, families, and communities that are free from stigma related to mental illness and addictions.

If you are in Crisis and need help, please call
Samaritian CrisisCare at 224-4646 or Text "4hope" to 741741 




Printed Materials

Every year, the Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services releases an annual report – detailing many of theaccomplishments of the past year. Also provided in each, you will find statistics about the people that were helped and the financial requirements to help maintain a successful program for our residents.

Also provided below, are PDF versions of our other printed collateral to help create awareness in the community. Please feel free to click on the images provided to sample our recent marketing efforts, and of course feel free to contact us at any time with comments or questions.