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The Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) of Montgomery County are responsible for the planning, funding, and monitoring of public mental health and addiction treatment services for individuals and families of Montgomery County, Ohio.  Under Ohio law, the ADAMHS Board is one of 50 Boards coordinating the public behavioral health and addiction treatment and recovery system in Ohio.

The Board is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and has the legal responsibility and authority for the provision of mental health and addiction treatment services. Montgomery County ADAMHS contracts with provider agencies to deliver services that assist consumers and clients on the road to recovery.

Transforming innovative behavioral health leadership and partnerships to promote a healthy region.

An inclusive world where optimal brain health equity ensures no one suffers in silence.

Frequently Asked Questions about ADAMHS

Operational Overview

When it comes to your mental health and that of your loved ones, nothing is more important than finding the quality mental health counseling and addiction treatment services you deserve. At Montgomery County ADAMHS, we're dedicated to providing resources for the services you're searching for. Whether you need an alcohol addiction treatment center, behavioral health services, or drug addiction services, we're dedicated to helping you find your path to recovery.

Deliberate attention to nontraditional partnerships, resource sharing, and alternative treatment modalities is essential to building a successful recovery community.  Emphasis on internal workforce development, external workforce creation, and strong technology infrastructure will allow ADAMHS to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the end users.  ADAMHS is creating a model of service and innovation that understands how to connect client needs and quality outcomes. 

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Here for YOU

The Montgomery County Behavioral Health system is united and here for our everyone. 
Advocating, affirming, and ensuring accessibility to all.


We’re advocating for you.
We're ensuring services are accessible to you.
But most importantly, we affirm you.