Staff Directory

Executive Office Division

Extension 109 Helen Jones-Kelley
Executive Director
Extension 108 Rhianna Crowe
Executive Administrative Assistant

Strategic Initiatives and Communication

Extension 147 Tina Rezash Rogal 
Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communication
Extension 136 Amber Maham
Program Coordinator - Communication & Marketing 
Extension 146 Amy Hamilton 
Program Coordinator - Employer Coach
Extension 118 Tazeen Ahmed 
Senior Program Coordinator - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Prevention and Early Intervention Division

Extension 105 Tristyn Ball
Director of Prevention and Early Intervention
Extension 127 Bruce Barcelo
Senior Program Coordinator - Prevention
Extension 121 Colleen Oakes
Senior Program Coordinator - Montgomery County Prevention Coalition
Extension 115 Danielle Zeisloft 
Ohio Disaster Response Program Coordinator
Extension 114 Emma Goldinger 
Zero Suicide Grant Coordinator
Extension 106 Taniayah O'Quinn-Sims
Program Coordinator - Prevention
Extension 148 Sasha May
Ohio Disaster Response Program Coordinator
Extension 125 Victor Vrabel 
Ohio Disaster Response Program Coordinator

Training and Education Division

  Position Vacant
Director of Training
Extension 129 Becky Ketron
Senior Program Coordinator - Training Instructor
Extension 124 Brittini Long
Senior Program Coordinator - Training Instructor

Treatment and Supportive Services Division

Extension 131 Kimberly Farrier 
Director of Treatment and Supportive Services
Extension 126 Pam Stanley
Program Coordinator - Housing
Extension 128 Jennifer Hochdoerfer
Forensic Program Coordinator - Forensic Monitor
Extension 113 Position Vacant
Program Coordinator - Quality Improvement
Extension 119 Larry Sexton 
Director of Project Save / Director of Project Warriors Supporting Wellness
Extension 113 Kathleen Hendrickson
Program Coordinator - Client's Right & Utilization Review 

Business Operations Division

Extension 110 Doug Thompson
Chief Financial Officer, Director of Business Operations
Extension 117 Brian Sanders
Management Analyst
Extension 130 Melody Brackney
GOSH Coordinator
Extension 120 Malinda Chaney
Enrollment Specialist

Administrative Services Division

Extension 123 Dave Holbrook
Director of Administrative Services
Extension 144 Tina Friess
Administrative Secretary
Extension 142 Chandra Hightower
Contracts Administrator 

Extension 100 Courtney Adkins
Administrative Assistant 

Contract Employees

Extension 116 Brent Barrow
SOAR Specialist
Extension 101 Beverly Stewart, Esq., LISW
Legal Counsel

ADAMHS Fax Numbers

General Fax
(937) 461-2204
Treatment Division
(937) 853-4353
Civil Commitment / Probate Court Department
(937) 853-4355
Hospital / Forensic Department
(937) 853-4356