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Drug Addiction | Rx Medications

Prescription medications are powerful tools against acute illness and chronic conditions. But when those same medications are used by someone other than for whom they were prescribed, for uses other than what was intended, and in excessive quantities and combinations with other substances, they can be dangerous, addictive and even deadly.

"Generation Rx" is a term often used for those who think there must be a pill for every ill. However, many of those substances, particularly those prescribed for pain control, are derived from or synthesize opiates - essentially acting on the brain in the same way that heroin does. That can lead to addiction that is very difficult to break.

Easy access to prescription medications - they are in our homes, often unlocked, even left out in the open - makes them powerful temptations for young people and others prone to abusing these drugs.

Keeping Drugs Away from our Schools & Streets

  • Use prescription medications only for the use and for the person prescribed
  • Secure your prescription medications - especially opioid pain control medications - in a locked cabinet out of view of visitors
  • Take advantage of "pill drops" for any leftover medications, such as when a family member passes away (Rx Drop box locations)
  • Talk to your kids and get involved in the community. Check out Ohio Governor John Kasich and First Lady Karen Kasich's Start Talking!campaign, and encourage your school or community group to schedule a Start Talking! session