Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid Expansion

Ohio has passed the Medicaid Expansion (Also known as Medicaid Extension) beginning January 1, 2014.. img-ppThe ADAMHS is requesting that, as financial updates are completed, persons who fall within the 138% of FPL be directed to apply for Medicaid and subsequently provide proof of denial or coverage. subsidy will be contingent upon proof of denial.

On January 14, 2014, the ADAMHS hosted staff from the local ODJFS office to learn about Medicaid Expansion. This file is their presentation. We thank them for taking the time to help us learn!

Download this PowerPoint here or view it by clicking on the white arrow at the bottom left of the screen.

Rider Codes
The ADAMHS staff have taken the new 138% of poverty guidelines for Medicaid and applied it to our current sliding fee scale. This file shows those rider codes where, by the guidelines, the persons will be eligible for Medicaid.

Yellow indicates that all persons with that rider code should be encouraged to apply for Medicaid as it appears they will be eligible. The orange cells indicate that the Medicaid threshold is within the Rider span.

Persons with those rider codes should also be encouraged to apply for Medicaid, but with a closer look at the Medicaid guidelines and the persons’ family size and income.

Providers: You may accesses the State of Ohio Department of Medicaid by clicking here.