RX Medication Safety Campaign

Rx Medication Safety Campaign

This campaign increases community awareness in order to decrease the accessibility and availability of prescription medications in Montgomery County. The campaign utilizes Generation Rx messages and trainings to cover proper storage, monitoring, and disposing of medications to decrease the likelihood of those medications being used for abuse purposes. Another component of this campaign is the distribution of lock boxes and medication disposal pouches, all of which can be obtained by request from Goodwill Easter Seals. Medication disposal pouches can also be picked up at any Goodwill location in Montgomery County. Generation Rx trainings are open to the public and can be scheduled by request. 

For more information please contact the following: 

Dawn Cooksey, Director of Behavioral Health Services
Address: 660 S. Main Street, Dayton, OH 45402
Phone:  937 528-6310 (office) 
Email: d.cooksey@gesm.org

Gail Dafler, Prevention Coordinator
Address: 660 South Main Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402
Phone: 937-684-0316
Email: g.dafler@gesmv.org

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