2019 ADAMHS Talks: Brain Health Edition

Every brain is dynamic, adaptable, and flexible. A healthy brain is essential for a satisfying, fulfilling, and independent life. This event explores brain health through the lens of the 6 Pillars of Wellness and shared innovative ways to strengthen your brain’s capacity to be resilient.

2019 Event Photos

2019 Speakers:
Scott McGohan, CEO McGohan Brabender
Invisibility Broken: Recovery Support

Paula Taliaferro, Outreach & Education Specialist, Ohio Area Agency on Aging
Tricks to Maintain Your Healthy Brain

Jade Eilers, Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network
The Youth Perspective in Prevention, “Miss Goody Two Shoes”

Dr. Marc Belcastro, Chief Medical Officer, Vice President of Operations, Premier Health
This is Your Brain on Poverty
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Megan Folkerth, Senior Program Officer, Interact for Health
Vaping: New Technology Turned Epidemic

Leesa Scott, Owner and Operator, Fresh Life Connection
Life Hacks that Saved My Life