Our in-person trainings have been cancelled and we will resume in person training as soon as it is safe for us to do so.  

Virtual training is now available and several topics have been scheduled. 

Click here to visit our Eventbrite listings or click here to download a copy of the current catalog.

Please note, for sessions where CEUs are available:
In order to ethically provide CEUs, we use a platform that generates attendance time reports. We must have a total time in attendance for each participant in order to issue CEUs and the CEUs issued are based on the total amount of time accumulated between the time an attendee joins and the time the attendee logs off. We are ethically bound to report the accumulated amount of time a participant attended, therefore we cannot issue CEUs to:
  • Individuals sharing a monitor, computer, and/or login
  • Individuals joining by audio phone only
  • Individuals missing more than 10 minutes of a training that is 60 minutes in length
CEUs will be adjusted to the nearest quarter hour to reflect the amount of time present for sessions over 60 minutes in length.


Mini-training  (Short 5-15 minute presentations to teach you skills and techniques to help you manage and cope with the pandemic.  These links will automatically download a recorded PowerPoint Show - make sure the volume is turned on so you can hear the presenter). 


The Montgomery County ADAMHS Training Department develops partnerships and offers educational experiences to a wide variety of audiences within the community and region.

Stigma reduction, increased awareness and workforce skills development are the primary focus of our trainings. Some of the topics offered include:

Mental Health First Aid
Trauma Informed Approach 
Prevention Topics 
Clinical Topics 
Workforce Development 
Peace Officer Training for Crisis Intervention

Our skilled trainers are available to our provider agencies, businesses, faith institutions and the community.